Event Information-July

Currently, our opening hour is from 09:00 to 16:30. Please note that the information here is subject to change at any time without notice. Thank you for your understanding. July 5th will open and “Mikiwame Marche” will be held on July 6th – 7th . It is not only at the wholesale store but also on our website, so please check it out on ETONET please.

In recently, it`s getting hotter and hotter. We will propose items that can be sold now in this summer and items that will be sold in off-season period from July to August.

The followings are the information about the exhibitions hold in July.

“Handy Items Collections – Summer Clearance Sale”

July 1st – July 25th
Fashion Bldg. 9th Floor Event Space

Summer clearance sale will be held during this event. You can check the practical summer items like T shirts, one-piece dresses and so on. There are corner of items which is casual style for women.


July 1st – August 25th
Home-Décor Bldg. 1st Floor Event Space

Since Zakka products are something related to our daily life, it is time for us to reconsider about the products themselves. We should also think about the thing that we can do for our Earth.
Have you ever heard the word “SDGs”?
Abbreviation for “Sustainable Development Goals”, adopted at the International Summit in September 2015.
We have set 17 goals to aim for a world where no one is left behind. Universal design is one of them.
The target deadline is 10 years later, 2030!

In this event, we prepared themes that combines with SDGs. we will propose some ideas that help to build a more environmental-friendly living. Let’s aim for a better life that is friendly to our mother nature!
We also offer the items for “Getting Through the Hot Summer!”.

With the rapid change of the weather, it is becoming damp and even mildew may form. As the temperature is getting hotter and hotter, it is vital to come up with some solutions. Be prepared for the change of the temperature!
This summer will be hotter than the usual. Wearing masks also increases the risks of getting hyperthermia. So, we will pick up convenient items that could help with the hotness and resolving the problem with humidity and mold. As we fight against coronavirus (COVID-19), do not forget to take care of yourself and prevent from getting hyperthermia as well!

Please check here for further information about our business hours (sorry, but only in Japanese).

Our online shop “ETONET” is available 24/7.
We also update product information such as COVID-19 related countermeasure on our official blog on a daily base. Since it is difficult to visit our stores in person under the current circumstance, we recommend you to check out ETONET and our official blog. We hope to meet you in person soon.