Purchasing by Retail Stores

Suitable purchasing style can be selected

Etoile Kaito offers multiple purchasing styles that can be used conveniently. We flexibly respond to the purchasing situations of retail stores, such as a wholesale store where you can directly hold and check products in your hands, the online store(ETONET) in which products can be secured at any time 24 hours a day, and order by telephone, or Fax where you can purchase products while you are in your store.

Purchasing Methods

Wholesale Store
The wholesale stores are a place for “encounter and discovery” which can be accessed easily from Tokyo Station and Haneda Airport. You can hold products in your hands to select the desired goods. You can also directly talk to staff specialized in each field to acquire information on products, and ideas on seasonal displays which can be used as hints for your business.
Online Store (ETONET
More than 150 new arrivals are posted on our website every day. You can purchase products any time 24 hours a day, and the fastest possible next day shipping service is also available. Since the quantity of stock is displayed in real time, orders for the reserved products can be placed comfortably. We also offer various convenient services for retail stores, such as holding shipments for up to seven days according to your sales timing.
Customers are able to purchase products conveniently from their stores or offices. You can select the purchasing method according to various situations, such as TEL orders which can be placed while talking to dedicated staff, and FAX orders where large quantities of products in various categories can be placed at once.

Purchasing Patterns

Proposing combined usage patterns of multiple purchasing styles

1.Wholesale Store & Online Store
Step 1: Wholesale Store

First, go to the wholesale store in Nihonbashi Bakurocho and actually look, touch products and talk to dedicated staff to purchase products.

Step 2: Online Store (ETONET
After the products are sold at your store, quickly perform easy repeat orders via the online store (ETONET). Products can be purchased easily without any hassles or wasting time.
2. Online Store & Wholesale Store
Step 1: Online Store (ETONET

First, check the products you want to purchase in advance from the new arrivals and trendy item information via the online store (ETONET).

Step 2: Wholesale Store
After arriving at the wholesale store, you can purchase products quickly and efficiently without hesitation, particularly the products that you have checked in advance.
3. Online Store & TEL
Step 1: Online Store (ETONET

Products can be checked on the online store (ETONET) at any time from your store or office.

Step 2: TEL
If you want to know the details of a product, you can call the wholesale store. Our dedicated staff will provide the information that you need for your retail store, and respond to your requests while carefully checking products.

Payment & Settlement

According to each purchasing style,
we accept a wide range of settlement methods from Cash to Smart Payment Plan.


Shipping Charge
  • The customer is responsible for the shipping costs.
Shipping Date
  • When a product is purchased at a wholesale store, or by FAX or TEL, the earliest the products can be shipped is the next day.
  • If an order is placed via the online store (ETONET) by 12:00 (Noon), the product can be shipped the next day.
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Purchasing by Retail Stores
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