Strong Characteristics of Etoile Kaito

Etoile Kaito currently conducts business transactions with about 20,000 retail store members.
In order to stay a strong ally of retail stores, we provide support based on the strong characteristics
that can only be offered by Etoile Kaito so that our members are able to purchase products more pleasantly, conveniently and efficiently.

Various product selections where you can find the products you want in a broad range of categories from fashion and miscellaneous goods to foods

Etoile Kaito provides various products and information related to clothing, housing and foods at the stores in our four company buildings located in Nihonbashi Bakurocho, which is a prominent wholesale district in Tokyo. Our product lineup including 700,000 items (SKU)* from 3,500 suppliers is strictly selected by our dedicated buyers. You can select and purchase the products suitable for your store from abundant designs, sizes and materials. We also offer various long-selling original products that can only be found in our company. *SKU: STOCK KEEPING UNIT

Place of “Encounter and Discovery” Satisfactory purchasing at a wholesale store by looking and touching Face-to-face heartful support

Our wholesale stores propose product displays to our customers that are easily incorporated into retail stores, at the more than 60 planning exhibitions held per year, and a new comer that changes monthly in each of the 40 sales sections. You can actually hold new products, original products and trendy products, etc. in your hands, and directly consult with our dedicated salespeople if you have concerns or requests as a retail store owner, such as “what kind of products I should sell in my store,” or “can I get tips on how to sell the products that I have never handled before.” Customers of Etoile Kaito are retail stores in various industries, including community based individual specialty stores, chain-store operators which manage multiple stores, and Kiosks in hospitals and hotels, etc. We would like to connect the reliable relationships built through business transactions over long periods of time to the heartful support that can only be offered with the membership system.

Convenient purchasing style suitable for your store can be selected without any hassles and cost.

Other than purchasing at the wholesale store, our customers can also purchase by telephone, Fax or online. The purchasing method can be selected according to the conditions, such as ordering online which can be placed easily for repeat products from your store, and ordering by telephone if you want to know the details of a product. Using this method minimizes inventory because you can purchase the desired number of products you want, when you want to. We also use blogs and SNS to timely disseminate “updated” information and “what is unique about your store” which can be used as hints to create your store from the contact point of consumers close to retail sites.
Strong Characteristics of Etoile Kaito
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