Membership Registration

Etoile Kaito adopts a membership system targeting retail store owners who sell goods at their stores.
As well as providing products, we also provide the necessary support for store operations to retail store owners.
Please consider becoming a member of Etoile Kaito.

Membership Registration Conditions

Any business owner who satisfies the following conditions can become a member of Etoile Kaito.

A Business owners who sell products including apparel, fashion goods, beauty and cosmetic goods, and other items at their stores, or plan to open a store.
B Business owners that our company has determined as being appropriate through examination of the application.

Required Documents

Application Form

You can fill in the application form on our website.

Store Photos

– Photos of the street including your store
– External photos of your store (Photos which show the sign and store name)
* Photos of the planned opening site are also acceptable
– Photos of inside the store (2 or more)

Membership Registration Flow

The membership can be registered officially through the screening of the required documents.。
The results of the screening will be sent from our company within two weeks.
Completion of registration
Register with ETONET, Etoile Kaito’s online store, and start shopping.

Would you like the substantial lineup
to be available to you at Etoile Kaito?

Membership Registration

Business Contact Office

You can make inquiries about shopping here at Reception on the first floor of the Fashion Building.

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