Membership Registration

Etoile Kaito is a membership wholesaler for retail businesses.
As well as providing products, we also provide the necessary support for store operations to retail store owners.
Please consider becoming a member of Etoile Kaito.

Membership Registration Conditions

Any business owner who satisfies the following conditions can become a member of Etoile Kaito.

A The applicant must be a corporation that operates or plans to start a retail business handling products such as apparel, fashion goods, beauty and cosmetic accessories, miscellaneous goods, etc.
B Business owners that our company has determined as being appropriate through examination of the application.
※Please note that we are not able to answer questions about the content of the screening or the reasons for the results.

Required Documents

Application Form

You can fill in the application form on our website.

Store Photos

– External photos of your store (Photos which show the sign and store name)
* Photos of the planned opening site are also acceptable
– Photos of inside the store

※If you do not have a physical store, you will be required to submit the necessary documents separately.

Steps of Membership Registration

Membership registration becomes official after screening with required documents.
We will inform you of the screening result within 2 weeks.
Become a member
If you qualify for membership, we will send you a membership number and a temporary login password for the Etoile Kaito online store ETONET.
Registration Completed
After logging in to the Etoile Kaito online store ETONET, please agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use to start your purchase.

Would you like the substantial lineup
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Membership Registration

Business Contact Office

You can make inquiries about shopping here at Reception on the first floor of the Fashion Building.

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