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Etoile Kaito is a membership based comprehensive wholesale trading company with a wholesale store located in Nihonbashi for retail store owners who sell products in their own stores. As well as providing products as a bridge between suppliers and retail stores,or as a consultant of retail stores, we bear the responsibility of providing the support required for operating a retail store from the creation of a store to the development of original goods.

Wholesale Business of Etoile Kaito

Continuing innovation through enhancement of traditions

We continue to perform innovation even today based on our performance cultivated every day since our establishment in 1902 as a manufacturer and wholesaler of fancy goods, and a business strategy that looks towards the future by always predicting the trends of times.

Membership-based wholesale business which builds close and reliable relationships

In order to continue long-term business transactions with retail stores, we perform examinations of members during enrollment, such as an area butting investigation, etc., and provide support so that retail stores are able to operate a business with confidence.

Professional support for each product characteristic

The Wholesale Business Division of Etoile consists of three business departments including Apparel, Fashion Accessories and General Goods. We provide professional support utilizing the product characteristics.

Only Etoile produced from communication
with retail store owners

We ascertain the true needs of retail stores from the viewpoint of consumers through active communication with retail store owners, which is utilized every day for product development. We also communicate directly with many manufacturers and plants in order to create original products in various genres. Not only in Japan, but we also collect information from overseas continuously, so that we can offer products which will make retail store owners happy.

Direct Retail Stores

We operate our own retail stores which respond to the true needs of consumers and retail stores, by narrowing down the genre that are currently attracting attention.


This is a gallery type retail store which handles products of new creators from Japan and overseas. You can actually hold and experience products made by new creators. Business Hours: 9:00 to 17:30 Closed: Sundays & National Holidays
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This is a lifestyle store for adults. You can relax in the pleasant hideaway space just like you are in a cafe, and enjoy the excitement like you are on a trip. Business Hours: 11:00 to 20:00 Closed: Please check our official website.
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Kamakura neco salon

This store offers cat goods which will tickle your feeling for cats. You can enjoy the relaxation getaway with goods integrated with selfishness and fashion. Kamakura Main Store Business Hours: 10:00 to 18:00 Closed: Every Wednesday Kichijoji Store Business Hours: 10:30 to 20:00 Closed: Same as the Marui Kichijoji Store
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Services provided by group companies


This is a purchasing website of our group company Etoile International Co., Ltd.
This service allows you to order products that are not available in the wholesale store and online store (ETONET) of Etoile Kaito at the quantity you want from the more than 300 companies in the suppliers catalog.
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