Privacy Policy

Date Established: February 21, 2005
Date Updated: April 27, 2015
Etoile Kaito & Co., Inc.
Chief Privacy Officer
Executive Officer, In charge of Administration Department
Takao Kobayashi

Our Point of View of Personal Information

Etoile Kaito & Co., Inc. (hereinafter “Our company”), believes that the protection of personal information is a social responsibility of Our company as well as basic business activity of Our company.

In order to comply with the laws and regulations of Japan and other regulations related to the protection of personal information, Our company established a Privacy Policy in February 2005, and as well as handling personal information according to this policy, we promote strict company-wide compliance.

Our company strives for continuous improvement of the Privacy Policy, through and audit and revisions performed once or more per year.In addition to periodic audits, if any deficiency is found it will also be revised immediately.

In addition, the handling of personal information is implemented according to the following Privacy Policy in principle.However, the Chief Privacy Officer is responsible for applying the three exemptions below.

  • When based on laws and regulations
  • During an emergency which may threaten life and property
  • Other unavoidable cases

Etoile Kaito
Privacy Policy

Our company will promote the following activities considering that appropriate protection of information which can identify individuals (hereinafter “Personal Information”) is a social responsibility of our company.

  1. Structure
    In addition to the educational activities provided to employees, Our company assigns a management representative for each department that handles Personal Information, striving for appropriate management of Personal Information.
  2. Contents of Consent
    When Our company requests the provision of Personal Information, the purpose of the collection, range of the third parties that the Personal Information is provided to by Our company, and the contact window of our company, etc. will be notified to the applicable users.
  3. ollection of Personal Information
    Our company only utilizes the provided information to achieve the responsibility of the agreement, develop better products and services, deliver effective information, and other legitimate purposes.
  4. Storage and Usage
    Our company takes appropriate measures to maintain the provided Personal Information in an accurate and latest state. Our company also strives to protect Personal Information and the database where the Personal Information is stored from risks, such as illegal access to the Personal Information, loss, alteration and leakage of Personal Information by taking rational technical measures.
  5. Consignment
    When Our company consigns the provided Personal Information to a third party, we will take measures to prevent leakage and redistribution from the third party according to the methods imposed by an agreement unless there are exceptional circumstances.
  6. Provision to Third Parties
    Our company will not provide or disclose the provided Personal Information to a third party without the consent of the applicable person, except when there is justifiable grounds as follows.
    1. When based on laws and regulations, etc.
    2. When cooperating with a government agency, etc. according to exceptional circumstances.
    3. When utilizing Personal Information within a justifiable usage range in Our company group (Our company or subsidiary of Our company).
    4. When Our company group consigns Personal Information to an outsourcing destination or cooperating destination within a justifiable usage range.
  7. Collection of Personal Information
    When confirmation and correction, etc. of the provided Personal Information is requested, Our company will respond within a rational range after performing an identity verification. Please make requests to our contact window which was notified previously.
  8. Personnel Affairs Website

    Regarding job applications and inquiries based on the website of Our company ( other recruitment advertisements, we may request information on the applicants themselves in the form of a curriculum vitae, resume or application form, etc. be provided to Our company.
    In such a case, we use the provided information in Our company and affiliated companies in order to examine whether an applicant can be hired, or respond to inquiries from applicants.
    We may also save the provided information in order to examine whether an applicant can be hired in the future, unless there is a special request from the applicant.
    Those who have questions regarding the Privacy Policy and protection of Personal Information of Our company, or found deficiencies concerning the protection of Personal Information of Our company, please contact the Personal Information inquiry window below.

    Business Hours: 09:00 to 17:00 Closed on Sundays and National Holidays
    TEL: +81-3-3663-5111 (Main Line) Weekdays: 09:00 to 17:30
    e-mail: 24 hours

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Our company may use the following methods as a means to collect access data on the Etoile websites.

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Web Beacons
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Explanation of Auto Login Function and Notes for Use
ETONET is equipped with an Auto Login function which allows you to use the member services without entering the Membership No. and Password even after the browser is closed when logged in.
The ETONET service can be used more conveniently without entering the Membership No. and Password on a computer where the Auto Login function is set to Enable.
The login state will be maintained for 28 days from the last usage of the membership service.
However, there is a risk of registered Personal Information being accessed or being used illegally by an impersonator.
In order to prevent such a risk, if you are using a computer which may also be used by a party other than yourself (PC in a company, internet cafe, or library, etc.), please be sure to click the “Logout” button on the upper portion of the screen to completely logout of the website after the service is used. (The same as above, the Auto Login function can be canceled by clicking the “Logout” button.)
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