1902 The Founder Yoshigusu Kaito opened Kaito Shoten in Asakusa Shin-Moritacho (currently Yanagibashi) as a manufacturer and wholesaler of precious-metals and fancy goods.
1906 Relocated to Nihonbashi Yonezawa-cho (Currently Higashi-Nihonbashi) due store expansion
1919 Yoshikazu Kaito (2nd generation) inherited the family business from Yoshigusu Kaito
1927 Relocated to Nihonbashi Yagenbori-cho (Currently Higashi-Nihonbashi) due store expansion
1937 Reorganized to General Partnership Company Kaito Shoten
1941 Established Cash Wholesale Store in Nihonbashi Yokoyama-cho
1948 Reorganized to Kaito Co., Ltd. Ichiro Kaito (3rd generation) assumed the office as President
1950 Established the trademark ETOILE
1952 Started self-service sales method
1959 Ichiro Kaito passed away. Yoshikazu Kaito (4th generation) reassumed the office as President
1960 Introduced industry first new system “Partner Retail Store Membership Registration System”
1961 Opened main building (currently the Fashion Store). Became the largest wholesale store in the Bakurocho Wholesale District
1962 Established a community health-care facility, Nihonbashi General Clinic
1970 Completed Etoile Hall (Currently the Living Store)
1972 Opened comprehensive exhibition site Etoile Plaza (Currently the Living Store) (until 2020)
1977 Established “Etoile Day-care Center” in the company (until 2014)
1979 Changed trade name to Etoile Kaito & Co., Inc.
1982 Established the Store Development Center and enhanced retail store support activities
1985 Goro Kaito (5th generation) assumed the office as President
1986 Opened Bridal Showroom Cheri-Mariee (until 2013)
1986 Opened accessories and jewelry store (Currently the NEO Store)
1990 Opened flower and wrapping paper store La Belle Saison (Currently the Home Decor Store)(until 2020)
2002 Celebrated 100th Anniversary
2004 Fumiko Kaito (6th generation) assumed the office as President
2006 Established Wholesale Electronic Commerce (EC) website
2011 Kinnosuke Hayakawa (7th generation) assumed the office as President
2012 Renewed Wholesale EC Website to start ETONET
2015 Opened cat goods store “Kamakura neco salon”
2015 Opened travel pants store “Orarce” (until 2018)
2015 Opened store which handles creator’s products from Japan & overseas “MONOTIAM”
2016 Opened lifestyle shop “OTIUM” (until 2020)
2016 Started new purchasing platform “iccokara”(until 2020)
2016 Opened cat goods store “Kamakura neco salon Kichijoji store”
2020 Opened cat goods store “Kamakura neco salon Ariake store”(until 2022)
2020 Opened “BAKURO LOCAL MARCHE”(until 2022)
2020 Purchasing Scan App Released
2021 Purchasing Scan App Released
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