Mission & Values

“Supporting retailers’dreams”

Our Mission

Our mission is to support retailers bring their dream store to life. We, at ETOILE KAITO & CO., INC. (widely known as “Kaito”), are dedicated to making encounters between goods and customers fun. We strive to create business by empowering diverse and personalized craftsmanship and helping stores to develop uniqueness and a sense of renewal through individualized product supply.

Our Core Values

We believe in the importance of offering niche products from manufacturers and unique services to retailers, while forming a personal connection with them.

Our Culture

We care about finessing our awareness and sensitivity to the needs of end users and to the visions of our manufacturers and retailers. We are passionate about taking immediate action in a positive manner to harness this sensitivity to add value.      

Our Vision

To be a leading modern and global wholesaler

Etoile Kaito provides a variety of products necessary to our daily life under one roof. We are incorporating digital technology into our operations and improving our strength as a place to connect and co-create with retailers. Through these efforts, we will become a modern one-stop wholesaler that integrates the real and digital to provide product information, sales know-how and retail support and management for trading.
Mission & Values
retailers’ dreams
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