BAKURO LOCAL MARCHE is officially opened on June 22th

News Release 2020/06/22

“BAKURO LOCAL MARCHE” is officially open on June 22th.

Our company has been operating as a membership wholesale business that is limited to only retailers for years. As a mean to dedicate to our neighbourhood residents, we have turned a part of our wholesale stores into a retail store called “BAKURO LOCAL MARCHÉ”. Here at BAKURO LOCAL MARCHÉ, we not only sell products but also spread regional information, as we aim to become “a community business for small commercial area”. Since we are operated as both wholesaler and retailer, we are able to gain and analyse the data in both fields, and thus share them with our retailer members as well as suppliers.

Under the pandemic, we realise that people tend to be more local-oriented and have changed their lifestyles since. Responding to such a circumstance, we decided to turn one of our wholesale stores Living Building partially into a retail store called “BAKURO LOCAL MARCHÉ”, in order to provide useful business data. BKAURO LOCAL MARCHE, where striving for becoming a proof of concept place, is an experimental business that we want to work with our retailer customers and suppliers to create a new form of “face-to-face small commercial area”.
The followings are the two main purposes of starting this new business.


Purpose ① Providing the “Local Face-to-Face Business” model case

In recent years, local business that treasure local’s cultures, history, and nature, taking good use of local human resources, and working with enterprises, has caught many attentions. Especially with the pandemic undergoing, the chances of staying home and working from home have increased, which accelerates the local-oriented behaviour since people’s range of activities are limited to places near their houses and offices.

We believe that retail stores function as places for not only product selling, but also events arranging, and lifestyle information sharing such as gourmet spots, creator items, and art productions in order to spread the charm of a region. How to create such a “local face-to-face business” and what types of product to put to meet the local needs in time are then the questions await answers. With our experimental retail store BAKURO LOCAL MARCHÉ, we would like to accumulate such experiences, then share the know-hows with our retailer members and suppliers.


Purpose② Providing retailer members with business information backing up by data

Up to now, our company has been acting as a wholesaler, which is a B2B business. Meanwhile, this new opening retail store BAKURO LOCAL MARCHÉ is operating as a B2C business. Since we work in both fields of B2B and B2C, we are allowed to provide our retailer members with business information as well as data analysis such as product purchasing behaviours of local people and market trends.
Our retailer members can use these data as references for shop designing and inventory ordering. At the same time, suppliers can utilise the data as references when it comes to product development.

As we start to operate BAKURO LOCAL MARCHÉ, we choose to gather products needed at the moment, including antivirus product, foods, and stay-at-home related products, to place in the store. While selling these products, we analyse the market trends, and modify the products timely to respond the change of lifestyle.


We have been working as the roles of wholesale stores to our retailer members for a long time. We would like to continue operating as a wholesaler role, and at the same time offering proposals in accordance with the time for regional contribution and data utilisation, and eventually building up a collaborated system with our suppliers.

【email for inquiry】
Contact person :Masao Nishi
Business hours:9:00~16:30 Closed on Sunday.

Business hours might change under certain circumstances.
Please check the latest information from the following page.
twitter account:@Bakuro_l_ marche