Business Schedule for November

Sales Information 2023/10/30

▶We are pleased to inform you of our business schedule for November.

Non-business days
Bakurocho Showroom is closed.
ETONET is available as usual.
Pickup at the pickup center is not available.

  Shipping Date
You can specify an ETONET ship date.
Please refer to ETONET for order cutoff times.

【121st Anniversary “Daily Life x Uplifting WEEKS” will be held!】

Etoile Kaito will celebrate its 121st anniversary on November 3, 2023.
Now and then, and in the future, we aim to widely distribute ”products that uplift the mood of daily life” throughout society. The two-week period will begin with a lot of projects focused on products that will uplift your everyday mood!

■Shipping during the 121st Anniversary “Daily Life x Uplifting WEEKS” Period

Due to expected congestion, the order cut-off time for shipping and pick-up center pick-up
will be changed from the normal time as follows.

Period of change: November 1 (Wed.) to November 8 (Wed.)
Order cutoff time: 12:00 PM (noon)(JST)

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you in advance for your understanding.

▶Here are some of our special features for November.

Dragon soaring in the Year of the Dragon ~Lunar New Year Coupon Information Available

Are you ready to welcome the New Year? A project just in time for the most important event of the year in Greater China, the Lunar New Year, is about to begin.
A variety of items to renew your surroundings are available. Discover a new you with sophisticated clothes and stylish purses, and bring in good luck with original products associated with the Year of the Dragon.
We also offer a selection of snacks to enjoy the Lunar New Year with a lively atmosphere.
Take advantage of this opportunity to get the coupon and have a happy moment with the power of the Year of the Dragon!

Wind and Cold Protection against Winter Cold

In winter, when cold weather is in full swing, we have carefully selected essential items for motorcyclists, such as highly functional winter gloves to protect hands from cold wind and low temperatures, and windproof scarves to block wind from all directions.
The key point of these products is not only protection from the cold but also stylish design.
These items reduce discomfort from the cold and allow you to maintain a smart style while battling the cold wind.
Please take this opportunity to enjoy a comfortable winter life.

Korean Style Goods

In 2023, South Korea is the No. 1 overseas travel destination for women of 20s! Korean-style goods with soft colors and simple, cute designs are now attracting attention.
Dull-colored, chubby silhouette tableware, tufted rugs, and more.
Simple, yet somehow nostalgic interior design. Why not enjoy creating a stylish space of your own?

“Time-effective Goods” to Make the Most of Your Time

Time-effective=Time Performance (Taipa), which means satisfaction and results for the time spent, is now in vogue as it expands to related products and services!
A frying pan that can cook two different dishes in one, a towel that dries hair faster, slippers that can clean the floor at the same time as you walk, and more. We propose items that would be great to have for today’s busy people to save a little time and effort.

Holiday Season has Arrived! Gorgeous Styles

Christmas and year-end events such as year-end parties with family and friends are back after a long absence!
Why don’t you go out in a more stylish and gorgeous style than usual?
Items with pearls, tweed jackets, velour items, etc. look great on your face! For outerwear, a fur vest or white padded coat is a perfect choice.
Match your bag with something sparkly as well. Stoles and accessories with pearls and bijoux add excitement. We will collect glamorous items with the occasion in mind.

Warm though Stylish  Thermal Goods

The cold season is finally here. With growing awareness of electricity conservation, we focus on measures against cold with what we wear! From inner down jackets in a variety of colors, to high-neck innerwear that warms from the neck up, to bottoms with a brushed back, there is a wide range of items that look and feel warmer than ever! Hats, stoles, bags, shoes, and other warm items are also available! We have items that are both warm and fashionable.


Full of My Favorite Things! Adult Cute Closet

November’s theme is “Reward Yourself for Working Hard This Year”.
There are only a few days left in this year. Although we cannot relax yet, the atmosphere of the city is a little livelier than before, which makes us feel a bit nostalgic. At the end of the year, how about rewarding yourself with something a little finer than usual, something that will uplift your mood when you wear it? River wool coats, fur vests, knitwear made of cashmere, yak, and other luxury materials, beautiful scarves, and bags made of real leather and fur. We have products that are one rank above the rest.

Excellent ladies fashion exhibition

We offer high-quality coats, cashmere knits, and imported products that will be useful in the upcoming season at special prices.
This is your chance to actually try it out.
All products can be taken home on the same day.

Event schedule:10/30 (Mon) – 11/10 (Fri)
*Excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays as showroom is closed.
Venue:showroom 5th floor actual product sales floor

Brand bag exhibition

We will be holding a very popular brand bag exhibition.
We have bags from PRADA, VERSACE, and MM6, which are popular among the younger generation.
*Venue limited

Event schedule:10/30 (Monday) – 11/2 (Thursday)
Venue:showroom 5th floor actual product sales floor

BB Laboratories Co., Ltd. Demonstration sales

The most popular ingredient in BB Laboratories products is “placenta”!
Including the new product “Plasen Wrinkle Bright Serum” (wrinkle improvement serum) released in September,
We will be selling a limited time set of skin care products that use plenty of placenta.
This set will be discounted by 5% from the wholesale price only on November 1st (Wednesday) and November 2nd (Thursday)!

In addition, some BB Laboratories products will also be on sale during the event period.
We will also be selling great value set items that come with gifts for a limited time only!
We will also be handing out pouch samples, so why not take this opportunity to find the skin care that suits you?

Event schedule:11/1 (Wed), 11/2 (Thu)
Venue:showroom 5th floor actual product sales floor

Iseichi Shoten Ltd. Isetatsu zodiac paper mache name engraving order event

For two days only, November 1st (Wednesday) and November 2nd (Thursday), at the special venue on the 2nd floor showroom.
Iseichi Shoten Co., Ltd. will be holding an order event for Isetatsu zodiac papier mache with names engraved.

Event schedule:11/1 (Wed), 11/2 (Thu) 10:00-12:00/13:00-15:00
Venue:showroom 2nd floor special venue