Business Schedule for March

Sales Information 2024/02/27

▶We are pleased to inform you of our business schedule for March .

Non-business days
Bakurocho Showroom is closed.
ETONET is available as usual.
Pickup at the pickup center is not available.

  Shipping Date
You can specify an ETONET ship date.
Please refer to ETONET for order cutoff times.

【Notice of Change in ETONET Order Cut-off Time from April 2024 onward】

In consideration of the shortage of transportation capacity in the market due to overtime regulations in the logistics industry
that will be applied from April 2024, we have decided to change the order cutoff time on ETONET as follows, effective Wednesday, April 10, 2024.

・Shipping within Japan
Orders placed by 12:00 noon Japan time (excluding Sundays and holidays) will be shipped the next business day.
・Pickup center pickup and handover to a designated agent
Orders received by 12:00 noon Japan time (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
will be picked up at the pickup center or handover to a designated agent on the next two business days.

We would appreciate your understanding.

▶Here are some of our special features for March.

Mother’s Day Gifts May 12, 2024

Now we can meet each other easily after the Corona Disaster. Returning to our previous Mother’s Day events, we will focus on “giving flowers,” “giving fashionable gifts,” and “giving food” as our starting points.
We will offer a variety of floral items, such as stylish embroidered accessories and slippers that can be used in everyday life, and not limited to the standard roses and carnations.

Simple Life – Monochrome Items Never Age

After the bustle of the Lunar New Year has passed, we offer products suitable for the time of year when you want to clean up and organize both your mind and space. Simple yet sophisticated monochrome items fit in any space and have a universal beauty that can be used for a long time.
Bring calmness and high-quality simplicity to your life with monochrome items that focus on quality. Find items that blend in with your lifestyle.

Fruit & Flower Market

Last year’s popular project is back!
Fruits are not only sweet and tasty, but also look cute. We propose a bright, spring-like world view with brilliant floral motifs. We will offer colorful items such as fragrances and hand creams, as well as miscellaneous goods such as fruit-patterned handkerchiefs and bags, all of which are fun to look at.

Spring Outfits for Outings

Spring is the time when you want to wear bright colors. We have spring-like tops and bottoms in trendy colors such as blue, pink and yellow. We also have lightweight, youthful-looking outerwear and comfortable one-piece dresses. The key words are lightweight, wrinkle-free, and not bulky! Bags should also be lightweight and casual with plenty of space. Since it is still chilly, we will also provide scarves, hats and sneakers that will make you feel like going out.

Good First Impression Style

With spring approaching, many people have made the decision to take a fresh start.
At such times, what is needed is clothing that will make a positive impression. We have gathered together jackets, blouses, knitwear, gentle skirts, and beautiful pants that are appropriate for spring and can be worn regardless of the time and place. Match them with a bag, scarf, and other items that give a proper impression.

Adult Cute Closet

Sneakers are no longer just for exercise; they are the center of fashion!
To wear sneakers stylishly, it is essential to have clothes that mix sporty and feminine. Show a little from a long skirt or wide pants for a cool look, or go casual with cargo pants. We also recommend an easygoing coordinate with a dress.
We also suggest socks that go with sneakers. Let’s enjoy spring outings in a light, casual coordinate with a casual nylon bag or a metallic bag.