Business Schedule for April

Sales Information 2024/03/22

▶We are pleased to inform you of our business schedule for April .

Non-business days
Bakurocho Showroom is closed.
ETONET is available as usual.
Pickup at the pickup center is not available.

  Shipping Date
You can specify an ETONET ship date.
Please refer to ETONET for order cutoff times.

▶Here are some of our special features for April.

Father’s Day Gifts, June 16, 2024

This Father’s Day, why don’t you show your appreciation to your father for all his hard work?
With the increase in the number of men walking as exercise, this Father’s Day we are focusing on towels, water bottles, shoulder pouches, and other items that are perfect for walking!
Of course, in addition to the standard alcoholic beverage-related products, we will also enrich your father’s evening drinking time with “special” sake cups and snacks that match the alcoholic beverages. This year, we are proposing Father’s Day gifts that will bring both joy to the giver and happiness to the receiver.

Simple Life – Monochrome Items Never Age

After the bustle of the Lunar New Year has passed, we offer products suitable for the time of year when you want to clean up and organize both your mind and space. Simple yet sophisticated monochrome items fit in any space and have a universal beauty that can be used for a long time.
Bring calmness and high-quality simplicity to your life with monochrome items that focus on quality. Find items that blend in with your lifestyle.

Traveling Zakka Marché Enjoy the Early Summer Fika Time

A chance to fulfill your longing to go abroad with miscellaneous goods! In summer in Scandinavia, life outside becomes warmer and richer, and “Fika”, enjoying tea, becomes an everyday occurrence. We will collect kitchen goods, tableware, and iced drinkware to recreate such a Scandinavian lifestyle at home.

Get Ready for GW Outing!

We support your GW trip with items that are both functional and stylish, such as UV-protective outerwear, temperature-controllable outerwear, and easy-to-move bottoms. Don’t forget essentials such as bags, shoes, and hats. This year, enjoy the fun of preparing to go out and spend a comfortable GW in style.

Selected Products for Overseas Customers

We value the opinions of our overseas customers and have carefully selected a collection of products with a focus on quality and diversity.
These products are perfect as a reward for yourself or as a gift for someone special.
We have also added new spring-inspired casual apparel products, so be sure to check them out.

Perfect for Mother’s Day Gifts Fashion Items Under 5,000 yen

This Mother’s Day let’s show your appreciation with fashion items that will make her happy. With prices up to 5,000 yen, you can choose from stylish and practical cut-and-sewns, knitwear, comfortable pants, aprons that will look good in the kitchen, stylish bags, scarves, and even accessories. We offer heartwarming gift ideas to express your daily gratitude.

Adult Cute Closet Clothes for GW!

Have you made your GW plans yet? Turn your days into something special with trendy sheer and lame fashions. Combine them with fashion accessories made of light and easy-to-handle materials to create a look that’s perfect for anywhere you go. Don’t forget sneakers that are easy to move in! This GW let’s create wonderful memories while enjoying fashion.