Business Schedule for August

Sales Information 2023/07/27

▶We are pleased to inform you of our business schedule for August.

Non-business days
Bakurocho Showroom is closed.
ETONET is available as usual.
Pickup at the pickup center is not available.

  Shipping Date
You can specify an ETONET ship date.
Please refer to ETONET for order cutoff times.

■Notice of Summer Holidays
We are sorry to inform you that our office will be closed for summer vacation during the following period.
August 14th (Mon) to 16th (Wed), 2023
*Closed on August 11 (Friday) due to a National Holiday
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
*Please note that you cannot select the desired shipping date during the summer holidays.

Regarding the deadline for ordering during the summer holidays】
*Order cutoff time for orders shipped on August 17 (Thu) is 5:00 p.m. (JST) on August 10 (Thu).
*Order cutoff time for pickup center pickup on August 17 (Thu) is 5:00 p.m. (JST) on August 9 (Wed).

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you in advance for your understanding.


▶We are pleased to present the featured projects for August.

Mid-Autumn Full Moon with the scent of yuzu

We propose a special moment to spend with your family, celebrating under the full moon over a BBQ. The lineup also includes a variety of products using seasonal yuzu(citron junos). The refreshing aroma and flavor of yuzu will create a heartwarming moment. We hope you will be enchanted by the harmony of yuzu and the full moon this Autumn.


Japanese Autumn through Food

We have carefully selected food, tableware, and other items to fully savor the Japanese autumn, all made in Japan. These products, which allow you to experience the beautiful four seasons of Japan, will add color to your dining table.
We have packed the bounty of autumn into the product lineup. Fresh and flavorful foods made from seasonal vegetables and fruits make autumn a luxurious time.
In addition, you will find a variety of excellent Japanese tableware carefully crafted by artisans and lacquerware using traditional techniques, all of which showcase the Japanese sense of beauty.
Please take this opportunity to enjoy Japanese food culture and beauty.


Fall is the Perfect Season for Gift Giving

After the heat of summer is over and the weather has become more comfortable, autumn is a season of many pleasures: appetite, sports, reading, and so on.
So, why not give the joys of autumn as a gift?
We offer a variety of autumn-inspired gifts, such as sweet potato, chestnut, apple, and other autumn delicacies, as well as training items to enjoy sports in a casual manner. We will also offer bath and relaxation goods recommended for those who suffer from “autumn fatigue,” which occurs when the hot autumn days continue and cause tiredness and poor physical condition.


Want to incorporate it now! Trend Items

The autumn/winter 2023 trend continues to be popular vests, gilets, and blouses with design elements. We have a wide selection of tops made of mesh and transparent materials. Also, don’t miss the variety of checked items such as tartan checks and gingham checks. Bags made of metallic material and fashion accessories made of nylon material are excellent for both accent and the main feature of your coordination. Here are a variety of trendy items that are one step ahead of the rest


Adult cute closets filled with my favorite things!

Autumn is the perfect season to refine your senses as the weather cools down and you have more time to enjoy the arts.
Start off with a fashionable monotone look to get you in the mood!
Sheer shirts, design blouses, striped T-shirts, bustiers, gilets, long skirts, jumper skirts, and one-pieces that look cool on social media are recommended. Add a trendy bag such as quilted or wide mesh.
Berets and scarves can also be used as accents and enjoy the autumn of the arts to your heart’s content.


【Bakurocho Showroom 1st Floor “BLOCKS” Open 】

The first floor of the Bakurocho Showroom, which was temporarily closed for a complete renovation, is now open from July 10 (Mon.).

Click here for details.