Business Schedule for September

Sales Information 2023/08/23

▶We are pleased to inform you of our business schedule for September.

Non-business days
Bakurocho Showroom is closed.
ETONET is available as usual.
Pickup at the pickup center is not available.

  Shipping Date
You can specify an ETONET ship date.
Please refer to ETONET for order cutoff times.

▶Here are some of our special features for September.


Enjoy a fun-filled Halloween party!
We have a lineup of treats for everyone to enjoy and exciting Halloween-only products. We also have colorful party goods to liven up your party! Taste the magic of one night only with costumes, games, and delicious food. 🎃👻

Moisturizing in Dry Winter

In the season when cold weather dries out the skin, here is a shortcut to glowing skin overflowing with moisture. A skincare lineup that protects against dryness and restores fresh moisture is now available.
From moisturizing creams to lip balms, carefully care for dryness all over the body. Give your skin the gift of resilience and luster with this special winter care.

Neo-Retro Goods

Reinterpreting and enjoying 90’s culture and nostalgia with a new sensibility is becoming popular, especially among young people. We offer a variety of those “Neo-Retro” items to color your life, such as tableware and sundries, mainly in colors such as pink and purple.

Scandinavian Style Warming Goods

The “Scandinavian Style Warming Goods” perfect for the cold winter season, is now available!
We have prepared products with a cozy atmosphere that incorporates the warmth and design of Scandinavia. Interior items with a Scandinavian pattern and stylish tableware items will create a warm dining table. In addition, there is a lineup of warm items. This is your chance to enjoy fashion while protecting yourself from the cold.
Why not spend a special time together this winter feeling the warmth of Scandinavia?

Power saving measures! Warm Marché

Due to the continuing rise in energy prices since last year, electricity and gas rates, as well as various other products and services, have continued to rise. Power-saving measures are a must this winter as well!
From the perspective of both “inside the house” and “outside the house,” both of which have gained increased awareness over the past three years, we will offer standard blankets as well as warm socks and belly warmers etc., that can also be used outside.

Fave Supporting Goods – Depends on Ideas!

“Favorite Supporting Activities,” in which approximately 60% of Generation Z are interested, are not limited to the culture of young people, but the market is expanding to a wide range of age groups. We have a wide range of items to support “Favorite Supporting Activity”, such as goods in a variety of colors to match favorite’s colors, and accessories that are convenient for storing and carrying “Favorite Supporting Activity Goods” around.

Autumn Outing Fashion

Now is the time when full-scale autumn products are most available. Demand for going-out clothes is also expected to increase. Also, as the temperature difference between day and night becomes more intense, simple tops and bottoms with a light jacket are necessary. We will have blouses, cut-and-sewns, pants that are easy to move in, vests, and light outerwear.
Match with a metallic or nylon bag for a great autumn look.

The Autumn Fancy Outfits

Autumn is the season for many occasions such as weddings, recitals, and Shichi-Go-San.
We offer items that can be worn for autumn occasions without being too formal, such as beautiful blouses and jackets, feminine chiffon and lace skirts, pants made of mellow material, and one-piece dresses that do not require any coordination.


Full of My Favorite Things! Adult Cute Closet

The theme for September is “ENJOY♡Girls’ Gathering.
Autumn, with its pleasant weather, is the season for enjoying girls’ parties at hotel restaurants and stylish spots with a bit of sophistication! We want to go out in a more feminine silhouette than usual.
We have the perfect clothes for such a girls’ event. Voluminous blouses, pants with curved silhouettes, and transparent, jacquard, and other items with expressive surfaces texture will create a glamorous atmosphere.

Exhibition for reservation of imported European brands and popular domestic brands

You can see the collections of imported brands for spring/summer 2024 and popular domestic brands for this season’s fall/winter products that you cannot find anywhere else.
We accept reservations for even a single item.
We will also hold a sample sale of imported products at the same time.

Period:September 1 (Fri.) – 8 (Fri.)
*Except Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays when the showroom is closed.
Venue:Showroom 5th floor

Branded Bags Exhibition

The popular “Branded Bags” exhibition will be held.
We will offer bags from GUCCI, kate spade, and MARC JACOBS, which are popular among the younger generation.
*Limited to the venue.
Period:September 4 (Mon.) – September 8 (Fri.)
*Except Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays when the showroom is closed.
Venue:Showroom 5th floor

Miwa Yamakatsu Seimen “Hitosujinawa Somen Tasting & Hand-pulling Experience”

From September 4 (Mon.) to 22 (Fri.), at BLOCKS “Pavilion” on the 1st floor of the showroom, we will hold a Pop up event of Miwa Yamakatsu Seimen.
On September 4 (Mon.) and 5 (Tue.), a tasting event and a hands-on experience of hand-pulling will be held!
Period:Tasting and Hand-pulling Experience: September 4 (Mon.) and 5 (Tue.)
POP UP: September 4 (Mon.) – 22 (Fri.)

*Except Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays when the showroom is closed.
Venue:Showroom 1F BLOCKS “Pavilion”