Business Information & Calendar-September

Currently, our opening hour is from 09:00 to 16:30 (Japanese Time).
Please noted that the information here is subject to change at any time without notice. Thank you for your understanding.

We will be opening on September 6th, Sunday. Also, “Mikiwame Marche” will be conducted on September 1st and 2nd.
Following by July, we will continue to post product introduction videos on ETONET product pages, so make sure you do not miss them! (Japanese only)

● Mikiwame Marche
At Mikiwame Marche, we will tell you the effective way of presenting the attractiveness of products, including the way of display and selling, their production backgrounds, differences between other products, and so on.


Here are the events information of September.

2020AW Etoile Fashion Trend

Time: Monday,August 31st -Friday, September 25th
Location: Fashion Bldg. 9th Floor Event Space
We introduce the trend of this year by categorizing them into 4 different themes.


The Ringl’s New Released Jewelry Fair from Austria

Time: Sunday,September 6th-Saturday, October 17th
Location: Fashion Bldg. 9th Floor Jewelry Salon
The movie for introduction of their studio and products by Mr. and Mrs. Ringl


Jewelry Eyeglasses Frame Fair

Time: Sunday,September 6th-Tuesday, September 8th
Location: Fashion Bldg. 6th Floor
Specialists will be conducting optometry and make eyeglasses for you.


Northern Europe Colourful

Time: Tuesday, September 1st- Thursday,September 24th
Location: Home-Décor Bldg. 1st Floor Event Space
Here we propose the Neofolk styled products that utilize bright colours to represent traditional Northern Europe style.


Sexagenary Cycle Related Items Collection

Time: From Monday,August 31st
Location: Home-Décor Bldg. 6th Floor
Next year is the “Ox” year that represents a new beginning of everything.
We have selected items that will bring good lucks such as ornaments in this collection.


Autumn’s Bed Fair

Time: Tuesday, September 1st-Wednesday,30th
Location: Living Bldg. 2nd Floor
Simmons’s and Japanese brand’s mattress will be on a sale promotion. The discount offers start from 5% off and is up to 20% off.

Mikiwame Marche

Time: Tuesday, September 1st &Wednesday,September 2nd
Location: All Floor


Starting from September, you can check detailed information on our blog. Adding up to the product information that we have been posted, our blog will also update information such as business hours, seasonal proposals, scheduled events, notices, etc. You can check them from here.

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