【ONLINE Anniversary Sale】Online lecture archives

The 118th anniversary on line sale of Etoile Kaito was held on November 2~4.
We would like to thank all of you who attended the event. We hope you will find it useful for your future business.
For those of you who were not able to attend the event, please click on the following URLs to view archived copies of the November 3rd and 4th online lectures.
The lectures can be viewed by non-members of Etoile Kaito.

11/3 “Create the Local Community- Changing the City from Small Things”

Masataka Baba, a leading authority on local communities and owner of Tokyo R Real Estate, will talk about local communities that retailers can play a role in for the future.
Mr. Hoshi from Aizu Toen and Mr. Yota from Studding, Inc. will also join us as guests to talk about what they are currently doing and what they would like to try in the future as representatives of retailers that are bringing energy to the region.
This will be a great opportunity for retailers to learn how to build your own local communities in the future!

You can watch it from here.

11/4 “A YouTuber for the Revitalization of the Town talks about the true meaning of SNS

Mr. Tomoyuki Nakano, the owner of a specialty underwear store, is a popular YouTuber with 12,000 registered users!
Check out YouTube by searching “How to Walk in Hachioji Country”.
Mr. Nakano will explain “What is SNS?” very clearly.
His light-hearted way of speaking is just so interesting! We hope you enjoy watching it.
You can watch it from here.

You can watch it from here.

※The video will be available until November 30.
※Please note that the video and audio may not match in some cases. We are sorry for the inconvenience in advance.