Notice: Official LINE Account Opened

Information 2020/08/28

*Currently all the information on our LINE account is Japanese only*
Etoile Kaito has opened an official LINE account.

We will keep our members updates with the latest information such as new products on ETONET, events and so on.
Also, you can check other information such as popular products information, FAQ, etc., by selecting the button on the menu

【Information updating weekly】
・new products on ETONET
【Information updating occasionally】
・Exhibition information
・Event information
※All the above information is limited to those who are our members.
By submitting customer’s information, you will have the access to membership only information.

Advanced Menu

・Official Blog
・Business Calendar
・Hot-selling items

※After submitting your information, the menu will turn into advanced menu only available for members.
※Changing into advanced menu may take a while. Thank you for your understanding.

How to add official account as a friend on LINE

Method①: Scan the below QR code with smartphones’ camera to add friend.

Method②:Access from the “HOME” of LINE>”Add friends”>”Search” and type in @etoilekaito to add friend
Method③:Adding from the below URL.

Make sure you add us as friend on LINE!

*Currently all the information on our LINE account is Japanese only*