Event Information-October

Currently, our opening hour is from 09:00 to 16:30 (Japanese Time).
Please noted that the information here is subject to change at any time without notice. Thank you for your understanding

We will be opening on October 4th, Sunday. Also, “Mikiwame Marche” will be conducted on October 5th and 6th.
Following by September, we will continue to post product introduction videos on ETONET product pages, so make sure you do not miss them! (Japanese only)

● Mikiwame Marche
At Mikiwame Marche, we will tell you the effective way of presenting the attractiveness of products, including the way of display and selling, their production backgrounds, differences between other products, and so on.


October, it is the time when summer’s hotness is gradually fading.
It is the time when Autumn’s items started to sell seriously, and the time to start to prepare for Winter inventory.
At the event spaces of October, we have proposed such plans for retailers’ that they can apply on their physical stores.

Etoile Fashion Trend 2

Time: October 1st (Thursday) — 10th (Saturday)
Location: Fashion Bldg. 9th Floor Event Space

We continue to introduce you the trend of this season.

In addition, October is a season that you might have a thought of “wanting to relax at an opened space outdoor during this comfortable season as we spend more and more time staying at home”, isn’t it?
In order to match such a feeling, we have selected some beautiful but also relaxing clothes and fashion items for you, and aiming to recreate the atmosphere of sitting at the terrace of a café.


HAPPY HOLIDAY Cozy Winter Lifestyle Selection

Time: from October 1st (Thursday)
Location: Home-Décor Bldg. 1F Event Space

Here we propose a variety of lifestyle ideas,
in order to make you spend the winter holiday in a happier mood with a good sense that only needs some ingenuities.


Floor Fair

Men’s Tailored-made Suits & Jackets Fair

Time: October 3rd (Saturday) – 10th (Saturday)
Location: Fashion Bldg. 4F

We will make the suits and jackets from the collection of trending new released AW fabrics for you based on your preference.
●Extras during the event: As you order a tailored-made suit, it comes with an imported necktie for free.
※In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, reservations in advance are required.


Mikiwame Marche

Time: October 5th (Monday) –6th (Tuesday)
Location: All floors


Starting from September, you can check detailed information on our blog. Adding up to the product information that we have been posted, our blog will also update information such as business hours, seasonal proposals, scheduled events, notices, etc.
You can check them from here.

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