Apology for the ETONET Bug

Information 2023/01/20

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused led by the reopening of ETONET on January 16, 2023 (Monday), such as the inability to complete your order correctly.

We are continuing our best efforts to resolve as soon as possible not only for the glitches caused by the large number of accesses during the renewal period, but also for the problems that caused other error.
Below as a summary of the main problems that occurred for some of our members and response to those problems.

  1. Unable to log in

→The problem has been resolved for the most part. The white screen phenomenon is scheduled to be resolved on January 23.
→There have been some cases reported that the following [Things to try if you cannot log in] resolves the issue.

  1. Problems during the purchasing process (not being able to add items to the cart, not being able to proceed to the checkout screen, etc.)

→Most part of the problem has been resolved for now. The problem of not being able to proceed to the checkout (when there are items “ship on hold”) is scheduled to be resolved on January 23.

We will report the status of the resolution in the ” Notifications” section of ETONET as soon as possible so please take a moment to check back.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


【Please try the following if you have trouble logging in.】

①Please reconfirm your login URL here
*The “Scanning App” service has been terminated. Please login from your browser.

②Please try logging in from another device or browser.
≪Recommended devices and OS≫ iPhone, iPad, Android, PC (Windows, Mac) *The latest version.
≪Recommended browsers≫ Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge * The latest version.

③Please reset (clear cache) with the ETONET page open.
In case of Windows, you can reset by pressing “ctrl” + “shift” + “R”.
*The login status may be canceled, or the saved ID and password may be deleted from the browser.
*Clearing the cache includes deleting cookie information.

④If you do not know your password, please go to “Forgot password” to get a new password.
*Please use the e-mail address registered in your customer information when obtaining a password. If you are unsure of your registered address, please contact us.


【Inquiries about ETONET Renewal】

Contact us from the special site for ETONET renewal.