ETONET has been renewed and reborn.

News Release 2023/01/16

~The new ETONET website features a staff blog and a search recommendation function, creating an online sales space where people can feel connected to each other.~


Etoile Kaito & Co., Inc.(1-7-16 Nihonbashi, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo), a general wholesale trading company handling a wide range of products from fashion apparel to miscellaneous goods and food, has relaunched its online store ETONET on January 16, 2023, aiming to realize a new one-stop wholesale service integrating real and digital operations.


ETONET:Etoile Kaito launched an e-commerce site dedicated to purchasing in 2006. It was later launched as “ETONET” in 2012. It offers products related to “clothing, food, and housing” to retailers in multiple fields, both domestic and international, in a wide range of categories including fashion, miscellaneous goods, clothing accessories, beauty, interior design, food, and trendy products.

*Etoile Kaito membership registration is required to view ETONET.


◆Background of ETONET Renewal

Etoile Kaito converted its Bakurocho store into a showroom in January 2021, following the introduction of a purchase scanning application in October 2020, as lifestyles and business practices have been transformed at an accelerated pace due to the recent coronary shock.

By combining the scanning of product barcodes with showroom purchases, orders can now be completed from ordering to payment on a smartphone or tablet, without having to go through in-store accounting. Now, two years later, the share of orders placed on the ETONET e-commerce site has grown to approximately 80%, but in response to the expectations of even more retailers for improvement, we have decided to make a major renewal of the ETONET site.


◆Three key points of ETONET renewal

Point Improvement of operability and display speed

The UI (user interface “contact point”) UX (user experience “experience”) was reconsidered, and the HOME screen image was revamped. In particular, the design in the purchasing flow was modified to improve operability by aiming for intuitive operation. In addition, the speed of page display speed was increased, and highly accurate enlarged images that allow users to feel the materials and textures can now be posted.


Point ② Equipped with search and recommendation functions

With the introduction of a high-performance search engine and a new recommendation function tailored to purchasing trends, related products (combinations), and similar products (colors, materials, and shapes), we will propose products that meet retailers’ needs. In the future, the function will evolve to learn more about the customer’s store and improve the accuracy of suggestions as more customer and purchasing information becomes available from the implementation of AI.


Point ③ Enrichment of information content

We will create a sales space where people can feel a connection with each other and encounter new products even online.

As a place to convey the background of the creator’s thoughts, commitment to manufacturing, and strengths, the blog function serves to deliver information such as “Why are we proposing this product now?” and other information in the words of our staff, the blog function plays the role of delivering this information to retailers. Bloggers are assigned by category to convey the thoughts and stories of our suppliers’ craftsmanship through our buyers. Retailers can use the blog as a place where they can get many hints for their business. The blog posts are also integrated into ETONET, making it easier for retailers to gather information and make purchases.

Further updated staff blog feature

We support retailers  in their procurement activities by providing them with the opportunity to experience the products that suppliers are particular about in our showrooms and by delivering highly accurate information in a timely and enthusiastic manner, just as if they were in our stores, both domestically and overseas, through both real and digital means.


We will strive to deliver the “products that uplift the spirits of our daily lives” that we have been pursuing for 120 years since our establishment, and to distribute them widely in society by providing a sense of reality and temperature through human interaction, even in the digital world.