Event Information-August

Please check here or further information about our business hours.

Currently, our opening hour is from 09:00 to 16:30.
Please noted that the information here is subject to change at any time without notice. Thank you for your understanding.
Also, we will be closing during August 13th to 16th for summer holidays.
We apologise for any inconvenience that we might brought and thank you for your understanding.
Here are the events take place in August.

“Fun with adults’ natural living style”

July 31st – August 25th
Fashion Bldg. 9th Floor Event Space

“Fun with adults’ natural living style” exhibition is taking place at 9th floor of Fashion Building.
We have selected some natural style clothing and fashionable zakka that create a “enjoyable lifestyle scene”.
By just adding some small items, you can still enjoy autumn fashion even on a hot day.


July 1st – August 25th
Home-Décor Bldg. 1st Floor Event Space

“A BETTER LIFE” exhibition started from July will continue to take place on the 1st floor of Home-Décor Building.
We propose some ideas that help to build a more environmental-friendly lifestyle.
As we continue this stay-at-home lifestyle, we would like to introduce more products that are good for your body, relaxing, as well as environmental-friendly.


Overall proposal of August

“Mental, physical, and living maintenance”

This Summer’s hot temperature adding up with quarantine tends to make people more tired and accumulate more stress.
Hence, to heal from heat and quarantine tiredness, we propose some 「”indoor work out items”」 , “stress relief goods” as well as “necessary items for new lifestyle”.

Indeed, quarantine time tends to make people being more passive easily. Yet, we should refresh our mood from time to time, and relieve tiredness and stress well!

“Increasing security of daily life”

Japan is a country with many natural disasters such as earthquake, tsunami, typhoon, and extreme weather.
Especially recently there are many places facing enormous damages due to heavy rain.
In order to respond to the disasters without panicking, we introduce you some disaster-prevention goods and rain goods.

This time we not only select goods specifically designed for disaster prevention,
but also propose daily life goods that can be useful for disaster occasions.

Since these products all can be used in daily life, bringing these convenient product with you is definitely a good idea in case something happens.

“Welcoming the autumn with refreshing mood”

Although it is still summer and we are just about to face the hottest season ever, for retailers,
it is time to prepare the shops for Autumn.
Speaking of Autumn, in Japan we often relate this season with arts (geijutsu no aki, arts of Autumn) and gourmet (shokuyoku no aki, appetite of Autumn).

Without a doubt, there will be a lot of Autumn clothing collections.
In addition, this year we pickup foods and arts that are related to Autumn, so you can still feel the autumn vibe even staying indoors.
Let’s wash away the tiredness from Summer and welcome the Autumn with a refreshing mood!

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