Information for August

Sales Information 2021/07/26

▶Business days in August are as follows:

Non-business days

Stores in Bakurocho are closed.
ETONET can be used as usual.

We will be closed from 13rd to16th in August 2021.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding.

Shipment days
*If your payment is made by remittance, your ordered products will be shipped after we have confirmed the payment.

*Shipping will made one more day later than usual.
We will later inform you of the details by an email and our blog.
*Business are subject to change.

▶Our events for August.
・Repair summer unwanted damage
Your skin is being damaged during the summer without you realizing it.
Protect yourself from now for an enjoyable autumn.

・Shaping a comfortable life
Our lives have undergone drastic changes. Ideas from a new standpoint created comforting items of high quality.

・Pleasant autumn is near
Autumn is full of attraction, such as fashion, art and moon viewing. Let us not miss any of them.

・Autumn food featured
Appetite is a byword for autumn. Feel the change of season at a dining table.

・Preparation for natural disaster
Prepare for an emergency with our emergency supplies. You can use them on daily basis as well.

Products from the five events above will be introduced in ETONET banners.
Please make use of the event display at the showroom as well.