Business Schedule for August

Sales Information 2022/07/28

▶ We are pleased to announce our August business schedule.

Non-business Day

Bakurocho Showroom will be closed on this day, but ETONET will be available as usual.

Pickup at the pickup center is not available.


 Shipping Day

You can choose the delivery date.

Notice of our closure during the summer holidays.

Our business will be closed during the following summer holidays.

From Saturday 13th August 2022 to Tuesday 16th August 2022

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank you for your understanding.

※You cannot choose the days of the summer holidays as the delivery date.


Here we introduce our future for August

【Please use it always! Respect for the Aged Day gift】

We want our loved ones to spend their days in peace and comfort always.

In a world with so many uncertainties, this feeling is becoming even stronger.

In addition to the standard gifts of memories, we offer a variety of items that are

“always useful,” “easy to use,” and “pleasant to use” to accompany your everyday life,

such as light and soft bags, shoes that are easy to walk in, large but light accessories,

refreshing goods that relieve fatigue, and autumn tastes.


【Redacoration in Autumn  Cozy Folklore Style】

Why don’t you enjoy the short autumn season with interior design?

We will add new products to our ongoing project from last month.

Fabric items such as multi-covers and interior decorations that give you

a sense of natural warmth and focus on items with a rough texture.

Dyed fabrics and potpourri made from natural materials are new products with a warmth

that will make you feel relieved. These items harmonize well with existing products

and can easily bring autumn colors into the store.


【Autumn with fascinating colors】

This year’s hottest color tone is “vivid”.

This year’s style is to use strong colors such as royal blue and Barbie pink as a color accent.

This season, the key is not summery bright colors, but darker colors with a slightly deep feeling.

Add these colors to bottoms and tops as the main color, and to bags, shoes, etc. as an accent color.

We propose styles that incorporate the vivid colors that are the trend of this year.


■August Event Space Announcement


【Final Summer Clearance】

We are offering 30% to 70% off regular wholesale prices on summer items that sell now,

from apparel and fashion accessories to miscellaneous goods.

This is the last price for seasonal products. Please visit our store.


【Found Japan Shinshu / Gifu・Hida Takayama Version】

Popular summer resort! Shinshu, blessed with nature and wide variety of delicious foods.

Hida Takayama in Gifu has many hidden specialities.

Delicious and fun items suggestions from two regions that will be in focus in the upcoming season!


○Shinshu Healthy Gourmet

Nagano Prefecture (Shinshu) is one of the top prefectures in Japan in terms of longevity! 

The secret of longevity lies in food such as fiber-rich buckwheat noodles,

a specialty of Shinshu, and miso, a popular fermented food!

○Shinshu Fruits Special Feature

Shinshu is famous for its fruits, including apples.

The line-up includes a variety of products, from cute sundries with motifs to delicious foods!

Gifu・Hida Takayama Special Feature

Hida Takayama is known as little Kyoto of Gifu,

which has the resemblance of the old townscapes and atmosphere of Kyoto.

We will introduce hidden specialieis such as curry using Hida beef and Takayama ramen noodles,

as well as cute retro miscellaneous goods.

We will also feature various other foods and miscellaneous goods from Shinshu/ Hida Takayama!


Hida Furniture and Persian Carpet Exhibition

We will introduce you to the best products that match modern life while utilizing traditional techniques.


■”Apparel & Fashion Goods Recommended for Miscellaneous Goods Store”

now being held at the special section on the first floor of showroom.



「Enjoy a natural life with pale tones」

Dull tones are one of the hottest trends in Korean goods.

We recommend you to combine simple and natural taste

with miscellaneous goods and apparel coordinated in dull tones.


「Countermeasure for summer cold~Surviving the Lingering Summer Heat」

It’s still hot outside, but it’s chilly inside. 

We have collected products recommended to prevent coldness inside rooms.

We offer a variety of products such as light jackets, socks and room shoes

that are effective against cold hands and feet, and food products.