Information for July

Sales Information 2021/06/30

▶Business days in July are as follows:

Non-business days
Stores in Bakurocho are closed. ETONET can be used as usual.
Shipment days
In the case of a domestic delivery, you can have your ordered products
dispatched on the day of your order if you complete the transaction before noon.

*If your payment is made by remittance, your ordered products will be shipped
after we have confirmed the payment.
*Business are subject to change.
*Shipping days might be changed before and after the consecutive holidays from 22nd to 25th.
We will later inform you of the details by an email and our blog.

▶Our events for July.

・Lucrative sundries in long summer
It is going to be autumn soon according to the calendar, but summer is getting longer year by year.
We collected still needed summer sundries.

・Summer items you can use until autumn
Based on the keyword “Autumn color, summer fabric,” we nicely incorporated a sense of the season into fashion.

・Good preparation for natural disaster
Prepare for frequent natural disasters with full-scale emergency supplies.

Products from the three events above will be introduced in ETONET banners.
Please make use of the event display at the showroom as well.