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Sales Information 2022/06/30

▶ This is our business calendar for  July.


Non-business Day

Bakurocho Showroom will be closed on this day, but ETONET will be available as usual.

Pickup at the pickup center is not available.


Shipping Day

You can choose the delivery date.

Notice of our closure during the summer holidays.

Our business will be closed during the following summer holidays.

From Saturday 13th August 2022 to Tuesday 16th August 2022

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank you for your understanding.

※You cannot choose the days of the summer holidays as the delivery date.



 Here we introduce our future events for July.

【Attract Girl’s Heart   My Favorite Room】

Vibrant items that are making me excited by just looking at.

Such as nostalgic flower-patterned items and fashion accessories, nostalgic handmade

beaded items, and embroidered handicrafts.

Following the retro boom, many people choose items honestly based on their taste.

We offer cute and fun items that are perfect to decorate your personal favorite room.


【Redecoration in Autumn  Cozy Folklore Style】

How about the autumn redecoration that heals your summer fatigue?

Now, people spend more time at home. So, relaxing natural colors and materials are popular.

Motifs such as winter vegetables and nuts to feel nature, botanical patterns that tell the autumn is coming, or chubby potteries and fabric items.

We offer a selection of items with a warm, natural taste to accompany your daily life.


【Fashion Items to Feel Autumn】

Recently, summer becomes longer, and autumn becomes shorter.

Autumn-colored summer materials are getting popular.

Summer materials like linen and cotton in autumn colors can be worn for the long term.

We offer various products, such as pants, tops, accessories and bags, preparing for early autumn,  when it’s still hot.


About the three events above, related items will be introduced in the banner of ETONET.

Please look forward to the offering of these events at the showroom.


■”Special Collection of Recommended Summer Products” will open at the event venue

on the seventh floor of the showroom!

【Summer Clearance Sale】

As the summer is coming, the summer clearance sale is about to start.

Summer recommended products will be offered at 20~50% OFF prices, such as apparel and fashion goods, and miscellaneous goods. (※excluding food)


【Found Japan Shinshu / Gifu・Hida Takayama Version】

Popular summer resort! Shinshu, blessed with nature and wide variety of delicious foods.

Hida Takayama in Gifu has many hidden specialities.

Delicious and fun items suggestions from two regions that will be in focus in the upcoming season!


○Shinshu Healthy Gourmet

Nagano Prefecture (Shinshu) is one of the top prefectures in Japan in terms of longevity! 

The secret of longevity lies in food such as fiber-rich buckwheat noodles, a specialty of Shinshu, and miso, a popular fermented food!


○Shinshu Fruits Special Feature

Shinshu is famous for its fruits, including apples.

The line-up includes a variety of products, from cute sundries with motifs to delicious foods!


Gifu・Hida Takayama Special Feature

Hida Takayama is known as little Kyoto of Gifu, which has the resemblance of the old townscapes and atmosphere of Kyoto.

We will introduce hidden specialieis such as curry using Hida beef and Takayama ramen noodles, as well as cute retro sundries.

We will also feature various other foods and miscellaneous goods from Shinshu/ Hida Takayama!

※Due to the change of venue, some of ladies clothing on the 7th floor will be moved to the 6th floor.


■”Apparel & Fashion Goods Recommended for Miscellaneous Goods Store” will be open at the special section on the first floor of showroom.

Favorite♡Closet : “Jangle in the big city”

Vivid-colored (Green, red, and yellow) apparel products and animal miscellaneous goods that are popular for healing will create a new summer style.

Heartthrob✨Closet : The second ” Countermeasure for summer cold” !

The outside is hot, but the inside of the room or the train is cold because of the air conditioner.

We offer, something to put on clothes, socks and room shoes that are effective for limb’s cold,

and foods to revitalize the body cooled down by air conditioning.


■Pre-order for Christmas!

Pre-order for Christmas is available!

Products that were so popular and sold out immediately after arrival can be also pre-ordered now.

From Wednesday 1st June to Saturday 30th July

Advanced offer: All products 3% OFF!

Pre-ordered products will be scheduled to arrive from October.