Business Schedule for May

Sales Information 2023/04/25

▶We are pleased to inform you of our business schedule for May.


Closed Days

Bakurocho Showroom is closed.


  Shipping Date

You can specify the ETONET shipping date.
Please see ETONET for order cutoff time.


■ Regarding Shipment during long holidays (April 29th to May 7th )

*Order cutoff time for shipment on Tuesday, May 9 and pickup center pickup on Wednesday, May 10 is 12:00 p.m. on Monday, May 8.
*Orders for shipment on Wednesday, May 10 and pickup on Thursday, May 11 will be closed at 12:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 9.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you in advance for your understanding.


▶Here are the featured projects for May.

Boys’ FestivalRecommended Cool Insect Repellent Products

Summer is coming with Boys’ Festival. This summer is expected to be extremely hot and humid, and the expense of electricity will be quite high! We have prepared handy fans and cool-feeling products to help you save electricity. We also have a variety of insect repellents to keep unwanted insects away.


Tanabata-Star FestivalSmall Gifts to Show Your Appreciation

“Thank you for always being there for me.” It’s a simple phrase, but it’s hard to say because it’s a bit embarrassing. Let’s take the opportunity of Tanabata Festival to express your gratitude to your sweetheart. Why not send a gift-wrapped perfume, aroma, practical and easy-to-carry hand cream, or a tea set perfect for a moment of relaxation, along with a small message card to your loved one?


Skin Care for Summer

Ultraviolet rays are not the only skin problem in summer! Excessive sebum production due to the rise in temperature and humidity can cause problems such as “stickiness,” “open pores,” “acne,” and “make-up smudging”. We have skincare products for each situation, such as UV protection, moisturizing, and cleansing, etc.


Cozy Summer Life

Summer is getting hotter and hotter every year!
This year, with electricity bills rising and prices soaring, demand is expected to increase for items that allow people to enjoy coolness through the five senses while reducing their utility bills.
From the perspectives of “cool to look at,” “cool to touch,” and “refreshing aroma,” we will propose enjoyable ways of living in the hot summer, such as wind chimes and fans to ease the heat, and jelly and tea that are cool to eat.


Summer Fashion Items to Make You Feel “Cool”

Natural materials such as cotton, which are gentle on the skin and comfortable to wear, are must-have items for the coming hot summer season. We focus on “sweat-absorbent and quick-drying” and collect items made of functional materials that are convenient to have in summer. With this year’s trend of “transparency” as a keyword, see-through items, or items made of canvas, woven fibers of grass, paper and nylon materials, etc. will also be enriched to create a “cool” feeling.


Adult Cute Closet

The Corona disaster has calmed down in recent years,
The “positive and forward-looking” style with colorful colors and patterns as accents is becoming more and more popular.
We propose a new style by adding colorfulness and vegetable patterns to natural wear x fashion accessories.

■Venue: Showroom 6F


T-shirt Exhibition

A large collection of summer wear centering on T-shirts, including one-piece dresses that can be worn alone, cardigans that can be added to T-shirts for a coordinated look, and bottoms that can be worn with T-shirts in a variety of materials and lengths perfect for summer.
■Venue: Showroom 4F