Business Information for October

Sales Information 2022/09/27

 We are pleased to announce our business schedule for October.

Business Holidays

Bakurocho Showroom will be closed on this day, but ETONET will be available as usual.
Pickup is not available at the Pickup Center.


 Shipping Date

You can specify the desired shipping date.


 We are pleased to introduce our October events.

Christmas Wishes ~Heartwarming Winter~

A Merry Christmas is coming!

Many events will be held in various places to make Christmas more joyful.
We have a wide variety of Christmas goods, including cute Christmas goods, interior goods, clothing goods such as scarves and gloves to keep you warm during the cold winter, and gift items perfect for presents.
We have a large selection of products you may need.

【Hygge Lifestyle~Items to enjoy the Scandinavian mood~】

How about a “Hygge lifestyle” on those long, cold winter nights?
The word “Hygge” was born in Denmark, which consistently ranks high in the world’s happiness rankings, and means “cozy space” or “restful time,” and is attracting attention mainly in Europe and the United States.
This year’s style is to add the color “green” to items with Scandinavian-like colors.
We propose a cozy space with botanical pattern items with a relaxed feel, animal print blankets, and tableware essential for a warm meal. The gentle colors and warm atmosphere are perfect for creating a store with an eye toward spring.


【Winter Recommendations: This year’s Hottest Knitwear】

A collection of fashion items that can be used from now until winter!
This year, too, knitwear is the focus of attention. We have a variety of items, from standard pullovers to handy cardigans, vests that are useful for coordination, and “JYAPU,” a very popular item that is back this year. A wide variety of colors and types of knitwear will be available, including roughly knitted Aran knitwear and Nordic pattern knitwear.


【Winter Warming Items】

This winter, people are increasingly eager to go outside.
Therefore, we are focusing on “warm functions” that will keep you warm in the cold.
We have apparel items that are both “functional” and “stylish,” such as tops made of heat- and moisture-absorbing materials, as well as wind- and cold-proofing functions, and down jackets that can be worn reversibly. There is also a full lineup of clothing accessories such as inner tights, scarves, hats, and gloves made of warm inner materials such as brushed back fabrics.
Why not take this opportunity to purchase the perfect fashion items for your first winter outing in a long time?


■October Event Venue Information

Period: October 3 (Mon.) – 14 (Fri.)

【Warm Marché】

It is expected to be another “power-saving winter” this year due to the tight supply and demand of electric power.
This is when warm goods come in handy. Blankets, fluffy slippers, innerwear that covers the chilly weather and makes your home eco-friendly, and other items to keep you warm during the cold winter months will be available on each floor.


【Found Japan Kyushu Edition】

Surrounded by the sea on all sides, Kyushu has long been in contact with other countries.
Kyushu is rich in variety, with foods using its rich marine resources and flavors influenced by foreign cultures, such as Castella sponge cake and chicken dishes, each of which has its own local flavor.
The “Umaka(Tasty) Noodle Special,” Kyushu’s “Umakamon(Tasty foods),” Hasamiyaki, one of the most popular Japanese tableware for daily use, and many other products!

The Nabe (one-pot dish) Special

When it gets cold, it’s time for Nabe(one-pot meals)!

We newly introduce a new special issue of Nabe dishes, including Hakata Hanamidori and many other delicacies!


【Live a positive life!】

The change of seasons is a time when we tend to feel sick in some way.
In this issue, we focus on health care that can be done at home. We have collected useful ingredients for “warming up” to keep your body warm, items that can be added to your wardrobe at home, and skincare products with high moisturizing effects.


【Winter outfits you can wear right now】

As demand for outings increases, there are growing demands for ” new winter clothing this year for the first time in three years” and “coats for outings”.
For tops, we offer total coordinated early winter outfits that can be worn right now, with a focus on knitwear.


■”Apparel & Fashion Goods Recommended for Miscellaneous Stores”

at a special venue on the 1st floor of the showroom

Cute and Handsome ♡ Closet: “A Sweet and Nostalgic Christmas”.

This year’s Christmas trend is nostalgic and sweet.
We recommend combining sweet colors with antique dark bronzes and greens.
Classic floral designs and items with a vintage nostalgic feel will offer a unique Christmas this year.

HeartthrobCloset:”Neotrad ✨Christmas.”

Traditional style is in the mood this year♪
“Neo-trad” is a style that adds the essence of trend to traditional styles. With checks, argyle, berets, and other accents, we propose a relaxed, adult neo-traditional Christmas style.