120th anniversary of the company’s founding 120th Anniversary Festival

Sales Information 2022/10/06


Thank you very much for your continued patronage.

We have been working with retailers and suppliers for 120 years.

We have been contributing together to create small “happiness” in our daily lives by connecting and distributing

the “things around us” of each era.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all of you for the many years of progress we have made,

and to return to the starting point of our desire, we have decided the theme of the 120th Anniversary Festival to be

“Long-lasting Connection, Long-lasting Continuation”.

All of us here at the company will continue to make further efforts to provide new business tips to help retailers

who have been doing business closely with the local community.

We sincerely look forward to serving you.


The 120th Anniversary Festival Period

Digital Anniversary Festival: October 24 (Mon.) – November 2 (Wed.)

Bakurocho Showroom Anniversary FestivalOctober 31 (Mon.), November 1 (Tue.), and November 2 (Wed.)

Business Hours: 9:00 – 16:30 JST


■Our Thoughts on the Visuals of the 120th Anniversary Festival

▼About the 120th Anniversary Mark

“Burgundy” is the traditional color that Etoile Kaito has used as its corporate color, “Orange” for energy, as retailers, suppliers,

and Etoile Kaito are challenging new creations together, and “Yellow” for sensitivity to share in mutual joy.

These three colors are harmonized with an arrangement of the endlessly expanding wave pattern “Seigaiha (blue ocean waves),”

which is also Etoile Kaito’s corporate emblem.

It expresses the three parties joining together and moving forward with changing forms flexibly toward the future.

▼About the Visuals for the 120th Anniversary Festival

To ensure that the theme of the 120th Anniversary, “Long-lasting Connection, Long-lasting Continuation,”

is conveyed to everyone at the Anniversary Festival, we have arranged the motif of the 120th Anniversary Mark;

a series of blue ocean waves, into an infinity mark with soft lines.

We hope that the long-lasting connection among retailers, suppliers, and Etoile Kaito will continue to grow stronger

and expand one after another, and all of our efforts grow and flourish together!

■The 120th Anniversary Festival Contents

We have prepared a variety of contents for the Anniversary Festival, including limited-edition products,

sales of actual products, coupons, and more.


・The 120th Anniversary Festival – Most Recommended Products

Period: 10/24 (Mon.) – 11/2 (Wed.)

Etoile Kaito will be offering a lineup of the best products that we recommend right now.

Seasonal recommendations and popular products will be fully stocked!

You can see them at both Bakurocho Showroom and ETONET.


・The 120th Anniversary Festival – Limited Edition Products

Period: 10/31 (Mon.) – 11/2 (Wed.)

Limited service for 3 days only! We will offer special prices and limited quantities of products

for the 120th Anniversary Sale.



We have prepared three types of special coupons this year.

Please take advantage of these coupons to purchase items for the year-end sales season.

※The period of use differs depending on the coupon.



From 10/31 (Mon.) to 11/2 (Wed.)

Customers who visit the showroom during the Bakurocho 120th Anniversary Festival

will receive Eitaro Tokyo Noren Meguri (peanut rice cracker assortment) as a gift!

Please present the e-mail sent on 10/3 (Mon.).

Please proceed to the right after entering the reception area on the first floor of the showroom.

※Only one exchange can be made per membership number.


■October 3, the 120th Anniversary Festival special website is OPEN!

Please visit our special website for more information about the 120th Anniversary Festival.