Etoile Kaito Opens “BLOCKS” Bakurocho Showroom 1F

News Release 2023/07/20

~To Showroom with Fulfill Your Imagination~

Etoile Kaito Co., Inc. (1-7-16 Nihonbashi Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo), a general wholesale trading company handling a wide range of products from fashion to miscellaneous goods and foods, opened its Bakurocho showroom “BLOCKS” on the first floor for retailers to utilize the deep value of products and diverse editorial value itself in creating retailers shops on July 10, 2023.

Founded in 1902, Etoile Kaito began as a wholesaler of precious metal accessories that lifted the spirits of people in their daily lives. We have continued to focus on the “Fun of Shopping” through people and space for more than 60 years since we opened our “one-stop general wholesale store” in 1961, which provides a wide variety of products covering clothing, food, and housing in a single location.

In this renewal, we reexamined the role of the next commercial space, and aimed to create a showroom where visitors can feel the “qualitative value” of products and editing, with emphasis on “a sense of touch and presence”.


■ “BLOCKS” Features

“BLOCKS” on the first floor of the showroom is composed of six major blocks (Square / Pavilion / Studio / Park / Information / Bench), each of which resembles a “Town”.
In the “Pavilion,” customers can experience the background of the products and the texture of the materials and feel the deep value of the products themselves. “Square” presents the value of “editing” to create a world view through the combination of various products.

The floor is decorated with calm and warm lighting and wooden fixtures made of Japanese cypress, which has a pleasant texture and fresh aroma, to make further focus on the products and their editorial value. The fixtures are modular and can be freely combined according to retailer’s stores space and the size of the editorial that you want to develop and can also be divided into booths to make it easier to create a space that suits various situations. Some of the fixtures are also available for retail stores as we can propose.


■ Comfortable Space for Retailers


This is the main space that spreads out just after entering the first floor of the showroom. We propose more than 5 seasonal editorial projects every month based on trends and retailers’ needs. Our customer can directly experience the product assortment and display space and enjoy the fun of combining and displaying items to find ideas for their own store design.



We speedily develop projects, such as those that you want to sell in stores right now, reflecting market trends, and transmit them with the flexibility to keep up with commercial timing. Equipped with facilities suitable for high-quality photos and videos, Etoile Kaito staff delivers digital content with a realistic feel.



A space for retailers to discover more about our suppliers. For a limited time only, we will introduce the deep value, background of the products itself, as well as the thoughts that suppliers put into their daily manufacturing.



This is a space where various encounters are born in a comfortable atmosphere. Customers can take a break and browse through a wide variety of books that will give them ideas for creating their own stores. Reference books are also available to help them imagine more about the contents of editorial proposals for “Square”. There are also “Personal Booth,” which lead customer concentrate on their desk work.


【Information & Bench】

If you have any inquiry and need assistant at showroom, here is “Information.” It also provides support on how to operate our online store ETONET and rental tablets for exclusive use in the showroom for your purchases.
Reservation-only area “Bench” is where you can have a fulfilling business meeting with Etoile Kaito staff in a convenient and relaxing space.


■Etoile Kaito’s Vision as the Future Wholesaler

Since its establishment, Etoile Kaito has been striving to contribute to the culture of life through “daily life x uplifting” products.
Our daily lives around us are filled with many small moments of happiness.
We also aim to provide opportunities for people to become aware of the “latent joys and happiness” in their daily lives, to focus on the “one and only value” of the people, materials, and places behind the manufacturing process, and to share the “experiential value” that can only be realized through the real world, such as the feeling of touch and presence. That is why we opened “BLOCKS” with the belief that those are important roles of wholesalers from now on.
With an eye on a future in which real and digital worlds will create a synergistic effect, we aim to nurture the imagination of future store development and product creation together with retailers and suppliers. We hope you will enjoy the new space “BLOCKS”.