Etoile Kaito 120th Anniversary Project “120 Years of Connections”

Sales Information 2022/12/16

Etoile Kaito & Co., Inc. (1-7-16 Nihonbashi, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo), a general wholesale trading company handling a wide range of products from apparel, miscellaneous goods, and food, was founded 120 years ago in the late Meiji period when kimono was still the standard for daily wear. The company was founded in 1902 in Yanagibashi as “Kaito Shoten,” a manufacturer and wholesaler of small articles of precious metals, under the vision of its founder, Yoshikusu Kaito, who wanted to “widely distribute the happiness of daily life through dressing.

As we celebrate our 120th anniversary in November of this year, we will return to the starting point of our foundation and, together with retailers and suppliers, aim to distribute widely in society products that “lift the spirits of everyday life around us” that will support “happiness of body, soul and connecting each other” in the coming age.

We have created the “120 Years of Connections” space to express the world view of “daily life x lifting spirits” that Etoile Kaito has been pursuing since its establishment. In the past, we have used books and products related to the lifestyle and culture of each era, and in the present and future, we have used photographs of “uplifting products” that our employees have experienced in their daily lives, along with visuals that we would like to share with you.


Products symbolizing 120 years of transition

The collection of items related to people’s lives and culture of each era up to the present day, representing the 120-year transition from the era of kimono when the company was founded in 1902, to the post-WWII era of longing for the West, to the era of diversification and individualization, and to the era of emphasis on warmth.

The collection includes kanzashi (ornamental hairpins), combs, and other accessories that Etoile Kaito has sold since its establishment, as well as a number of memorial products borrowed from suppliers… Araimono (brushes, brushes, etc.) from the Meiji era, Japan’s first fashionable eco-bags, board games from the Showa era, and other precious items that lifted the spirits of daily life in that era. These are all valuable products that were used to lift the spirits of daily life in that era.

In addition, literature and art books related to the lifestyle and culture that formed the background of the era were displayed together to create a space that ” 120 Years of Connections”.


■Etoile Kaito Employees Envision “Everyday Life x Lifting Spirits”

The walls are covered with a gradation collage of approximately 500 photos collected by Etoile Kaito employees. The wall is filled with images of “things that lift our spirits” that our employees feel on a daily basis, and each photo depicts exciting and fun things that make us want to tell their stories to viewers.


【Etoile Kaito, celebrating 120 years of history】

Etoile Kaito aims to contribute to these “connections”, such as the connections retailers make with consumers and local communities, and the connections suppliers make with production areas, craftspeople, and technicians, and strengthen our partnership with those who are involved in the daily challenges of creating stores and products, and we will make every effort to distribute our “everyday x uplifting” products widely throughout society along with the worldview displayed in the “120 Years of Connections” exhibition.

The “120 Years of Connections” corner will be open on the first floor of the showroom until January 31, 2023.