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Etoile Kaito & Co., Inc. was founded in 1902. We are a comprehensive wholesale company which operates wholesale stores located in Nihonbashi Bakurocho. Our business makes people smile all over the world through the “Fun of Shopping.”

Purchasing which you can only experience at Etoile Kaito

We provide various products and information useful for your business everyday with reliable face-to-face customer service, including encounters and discoveries that you can only experience at Etoile Kaito.
Strong Characteristics
of Etoile Kaito

Product Lineup

Our dedicated buyers purchase high quality products selected carefully domestically and from overseas. We offer a broad range of products from apparel and general goods to foods.
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Fashion Goods &
Beauty Goods

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Household Goods & Foods

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Interior Goods

A purchasing style following with the retailers

We support our customers in a more efficient purchasing style of “real-time & online” by considering customers’ timing, situation and circumstance, in order to assist the most important part of retailers’ store operation, purchasing.
Regarding purchasing
Regarding purchasing

Wholesale stores where you can encounter, discover and experience products at any time

You can experience 700,000 items (SKU) from 3,500 supplier partners, along with business hints that can be used immediately at your retail store.
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Business Calendar

You can check the business information of Etoile Kaito.
we will inform annual business calendar,
exhibitions of each month, and events.
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