We’ve just launched the “Lachique moi” brand website!

Information 2020/09/16

Thank you very much for your continued patronage.

“Lachique moi”, a series of scarves and hand warmers made in France that debuted as Etoile Kaito’s original product, is now in its second year.

“Lachique moi” is a coined word that combines “Lachique”(the way it is in Japanese) and “moi” (me in French).
With the concept of “I am more and more blooming in my own way”, it is a brand of fashion accessories that makes you happy to choose and enjoy “my way” from a variety of patterns.

“Lachique moi” is carefully crafted in a scenic city of small hills in central and southeastern France, about two hours by train from Paris.
Many colorful and fun items from France have arrived this year as well.

We also launched a brand website to help you get to know “Lachique moi” better.
Please have a look!

Click here to visit the official site.