We will answer your 「?」 about our showroom.


❶ Can’t I purchase products in the showroom?

Yes, you can still purchase products in our showroom by “seeing” and “touching” them. Instead of putting the items into a self-service bag by yourself, you can simply put them into the cart online. You can easily go around the store with empty hands. If you use the Scanning App, it’s even more convenient! If you need help, please contact our showroom staff. We also accept orders by phone and fax. 【Contact for orders】 TEL:03-3661-1111 FAX:03-5687-3500

❷ Do I need to have a smart phone?

We will lend you a mobile device free of charge. Alternatively, our showroom staff will be happy to take your order.

❸ Can’t I take the products home on the same day?

With the exception of frozen and refrigerated products, you cannot take home products on the day of your visit. If you make a payment by 3:00 p.m. of the previous day, you can pick up your order at the Pick-up Center on B1 floor on the next business day.